Frequently Asked Questions


Does my supervisor have to be a member of NZCCA?

No, but we do require them to be a member of a professional New Zealand counselling or psychotherapy organisation e.g. NZCCA, NZAC or NZAP (or a member of another professional body acceptable to the NZCCA Executive) and have completed at least 1000 clinical hours post-graduation.  Contact the office if you have further queries.

My supervisor is a Social Worker, Pastor or DAPAANZ Member.  Is this acceptable?

Your supervisor must be a trained clinical counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist and have training in supervision. They need to have been working as a qualified counsellor (belonging to an Association as aforementioned) for at least five years.

I am only seeing a few clients/one client; do I still need to have monthly supervision?

No matter how many clients you are seeing we require our members to undertake at least monthly supervision. We are willing to consider extenuating circumstances as long as you contact us BEFORE you begin working outside of our membership requirements.

Do you have a list of Supervisors?

We do not have a separate list of Supervisors but you may be able to locate one in your area by going to our online directory page and selecting  ‘supervisor’ from the drop down search box and entering either your city, suburb or ‘Yes’ in the text box.  You can click on the members surname to bring up their profile and contact details.

My Supervisor does not have supervision training; does this matter?

Yes, we require supervisors to have undertaken at least 30 hours of supervision training to ensure they offer the support and assistance required.

Can I have supervision by Skype as my supervisor lives two hours’ drive away?

We value the benefit of face to face interaction and relationship as well as the immediacy of being in the same room; however, we recognise the challenges for rural and small town counsellors.  Members who require supervision by Skype must forward their rationale for using Skype to the Administrator at the commencement of their supervision contract. This needs to be updated annually. Members are encouraged to have at least one face-to-face session before Skype is commenced and again annually if possible.

What is the ratio of client to supervision hours?

We require Provisional Members to see a supervisor at a ratio of 1:20, or monthly, whichever comes first.

Full Members are required to see a supervisor at a ratio of 1:40 or monthly, whichever comes first.

Does NZCCA allow me to work online with clients?

Refer to section 1.12 “Use of Technology” in our Code of Ethics.


What are the Annual Renewal Costs?

  • Provisional and Full Members $395 (incl. GST, 1 July – 30 June)
  • Academic Members – $395 (incl. GST, 1 July – 30 June)
  • Students – Year One Students free, then $20 per year (1 January – 31 December)
  • Affiliate $100 annually (1 July – 30 June).
  • Retirees – $98.75 (25% of the Annual Membership fee). Contact the office for an application form.

What is Academic Membership?

Existing members who are not currently in clinical practice but are Academics engaged in the education of Counsellors and who wish to retain membership of the Association may apply for membership under this clause. Membership will be considered on a case by case basis and broader parameters for supervision may be negotiated. All members under this clause will be required to comply with an annual review process. Academic members will be entitled to use the letters MNZCCA (Academic).

Who are termed ‘Retiree Members’?

Members who are 65 years or over and see three or fewer clients per week. Please contact the office for an application form.

I am taking some time out from counselling; what are my options for placing my membership on hold?

Prior to taking time out from counselling, i.e. not seeing clients, you need to inform the NZCCA office of your plans by email or post. You can then place your membership on hold for up to three years. There is a $50 (GST inc.) annual fee payable while your membership is on hold.

What must I do to put my membership on hold?

If you are taking time out for longer than 6 months you need to notify the Association office in writing that you wish to place your membership on hold prior to commencing your time away. You will then be sent an ‘On Hold’ notification form to send back to the office to be added to your file. You cannot back date your on hold status.

How long can I put my membership on hold?

You can place your membership on hold for up to three years.

My membership is on hold; how do I reinstate it?

If you are ready to have your membership reinstated, please advise us in writing within the first three months that you have begun seeing clients again, and include a letter from your supervisor confirming that you have re-engaged in supervision. Depending on the length of time your membership has been on hold, we may require a further report from your supervisor after a further three months.

I submitted my Annual Practice Review and payment – why haven’t I received my Practising Certificate?

Practising Certificates are issued for the July- June membership year. As long as all the requirements for the Annual Practice Review have been met you should receive your certificate prior to 30th June.

If you submit your form after May 31st you will be required to pay a late penalty fee of $50 and your Annual Certificate of Practice may be delayed.

If I join NZCCA, will I be able to counsel ACC clients or do Family Court work?

Membership of NZCCA is sufficient to apply to do work for ACC, WINZ and other government and private contracts for which membership of a professional organisation is required.  A separate application for these is usually obtained from, submitted to and evaluated by the organisation concerned.


Provisional and Full Member Applications.

There is a $90 application fee for all Provisional or Full Member applicants.

Full Members’ Interview

Full Members will have an interview at a cost of $320 (incl. GST).

What qualifications do I require to be a member of NZCCA?

To apply for Provisional Membership you need to either be in your last year of study or to have successfully completed an NZQA approved counselling training programme. You also need to have completed a minimum of 200 supervised practicum hours.

To apply for Full Membership you need to have completed an NZQA approved counselling training programme (minimum level accepted– Level 6) and a minimum of 400 supervised practicum hours, of which a minimum of 200 hours need to be post graduate.

What must my training include to meet the criteria for NZCCA membership?

  • Counselling micro-skills
  • Knowledge of a range of theoretical models with competency in at least one model
  • Understanding and knowledge of a variety of counselling issues and situations
  • Understanding of the principles of a Code of Ethics and the concept of client safety
  • Knowledge around the value of supervision
  • Self-awareness and personal development including undertaking some personal counselling during the course as required
  • Practical work with other students to practice skills and models
  • Supervised practice as per course requirements
  • Completed Bi-Cultural/Treaty of Waitangi training in a course that offers at least 30 hours of training/experience. A Marae visit should be included; an overnight stay is preferred but not essential. Membership cannot be considered until this training has been undertaken.
  • Undertaken at least 200 supervised client hours (Provisional Membership) or 400 supervised client hours (Full Membership).
  • Had at least monthly supervision for the past six months with a New Zealand supervisor who is trained as a clinical counsellor as well as having supervision training. They must also be a member of a professional counselling or psychotherapy organisation (e.g. NZCCA, NZAC or NZAP), or a member of another professional body acceptable to the NZCCA Executive.

Is there a specific requirement for Professional Development before I apply for membership?

Yes.  You need to show that your Professional Development for the previous 12 months is in alignment with NZCCA’s Annual Practice Review requirement (minimum of 50 hours per year).

What counts as Professional Development?

Professional Development may include counselling related: workshops, training courses, seminars, conferences, NZCCA Branch meetings, clinical/professional reading and research; online content e.g. Webinars, TED Talks, You Tube videos etc.  Students who have completed (or graduated) with a qualification in counselling can use the study hours towards the professional development requirement.

Professional reading is limited to a maximum of 10 hours as we value connection with other professionals.  Supervision, peer supervision, spiritual direction and meetings are not counted towards professional development hours.

As a student when can I apply for membership?

You may apply for Provisional Membership of the Association if you are in your final year of training for a recognised counselling qualification and you have at least 200 supervised client hours. Please note: You must advise us when you receive your qualification.

I completed my training overseas or I am planning on training overseas; will my qualification count for membership with NZCCA?

To apply for membership you need to have your qualification evaluated by the NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) ( and to determine that it has New Zealand equivalency before you apply for Membership.

When will my application be processed?

The Membership Committee will review applications as they are received and then get final approval at the next Executive Meeting which take place every three months.

Will I be interviewed?

You may be asked to attend an interview for Provisional Membership if the Membership Committee has further questions after considering your application and your supervisor’s report. All applicants for Full Membership will have an interview.

Is there a charge for the interview?

Yes, you will be charged $320 (GST inc.). You will also be required to cover any costs associated with your attending the interview location. Interviews are held in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson.

What is involved in an interview?

There will be two Membership Committee members or representatives in attendance. Once interview times and dates have been established, you will receive a list of topics which will form the basis of the interview. You may choose to take a support person with you. We anticipate the interview to take approximately 1- 1 ½ hours.

Can you clarify what an ethical dilemma is?

Please refer to the NZCCA Code of Ethics.

Can I count group work, online or telephone counselling in my hours when applying for membership, or to upgrade to Full Membership?

Group work can be 25% of hours required.  This is provided the group is a therapeutic group and the applicant is a facilitator.  Online, telephone, therapeutic letters, text and Skype are not counted.

What do I have to do to upgrade my membership?

You must have completed 200 hours of post graduate face to face counselling. You must complete the Upgrade Application that can be printed from our website in conjunction with your supervisor. This includes a personal reflection on how you have ‘grown’ as a counsellor and a report from your supervisor. We will call your supervisor to discuss your upgrade application. Your original application and subsequent annual practice review summaries will also be taken into consideration. There is an upgrade fee of $90. All upgrades to Full Membership will require an interview and you will be required to cover any costs associated with getting to the interview location.

Can I apply for membership if I have a criminal record?

Each application is considered on a case by case basis and the nature of the criminal activity will influence the final decision.

When is the cut-off date for applying for NZCCA membership with a Diploma qualification?

Any new applications with a Diploma qualification must be received by the NZCCA administrator prior to 31 December 2018 and include the appropriate number of supervised practicum hours (200 for Provisional membership and 400 for Full Membership).