Pre Conference Workshop

In the Name of Jesus, they Prey: Addressing Sex Crimes in Church


Presented by:

Trudy Harder Metzger


As victims in religious communities speak out, and news reports, memoirs and documentaries expose long hidden sex crimes, the church is facing what seems to be an epidemic of childhood sexual abuse, molestation and other sex crimes. With these crimes comes the inevitable aftermath: low self-worth; depression and suicidal ideations…. But, above all, is the loss of faith – faith in God, faith in humanity, and faith in oneself – forcing victims into isolation, and setting in motion a generational cycle of trauma. The first step in stopping an epidemic is admitting there is one. The next step is awareness. Drawing from her personal story of surviving sexual abuse and death threats, along with what she has learned in eight years of addressing sexual abuse in the religious community, Trudy brings light to a dark secret hidden inside church walls. Because darkness, when exposed, gives way to the light.


Trudy is married to Tim, a mother of 5 – two girls and three boys – and one German shepherd.

Born out of passion for Jesus and the healing He brings, and out of compassion for the wounded, she has dedicated her life, since 2010, to working with survivors of sexual abuse in religious communities, and helping them find their voice.

She is the Executive Director of Generations Unleashed, is completing her Masters Peace and Conflict Studies, and scheduled to begin her PhD in Sociology, Religion and Crime in September 2018.  Her book, Between 2 Gods; a Memoir of Abuse in the Mennonite Community, has opened the door for many victims to speak out about their suffering, and seek help.



4.00pm – 5.30pm, Thursday 10th May

The Rutherford Hotel

Trafalgar Square




$15 conference attendees

$30 non-conference attendees


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