The NZCCA Conference 2021 will be held in Wellington from 16-18th September.  Our theme Indigenous Practices & Pathways provides the opportunity to share cultural knowledge, traditions, values, principles and practices developed in indigenous communities and civilisations.  Traditional knowledge is at the core of indigenous identity, culture, languages, heritage and livelihoods. 

This year we would like to hear from and include presentations and experiences from those working in the field who are already practicing, navigating or developing indigenous practices and pathways in the social sector. 

If you’re keen to share your learnings and/or experiences, we would like to hear from you.  At this stage, topics/subjects are open and will be categorised according to trends/themes that are submitted and selected.

You will be submitting your abstract for either a 15 minute ORAL presentation or a 90 minute interactive WORKSHOP.  Opportunities for workshop presentations are very limited, therefore those that provide a high level of indigenous interaction e.g. traditional dance/songs, wood carving, weaving, art etc. are likely to be selected.

It is hoped that this years’ Conference will provide a unique convergence of networking, learning, inspiring cultural practice, discussions, conversations, and increased knowledge and experience, alongside new and renewed connections.

We encourage you to share your knowledge and experience with us in Wellington.

Call for Abstracts Information can be found here

The Abstract Bio Template for submissions can be found here.  


“Through our stories, songs, dances, carvings, paintings and performances we

transit knowledge between generations”

ANNE NUORGAM, Chair of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

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