Pre-Conference Workshop

Thursday 16th September, 3-5pm

Working with Trauma Using Maori Tikanga Based Models of Practice in a Te Ao Maori World
Jenny Manuera & Wi Waikari


Jenny Manuera is Director of Manuera Life Development Services and facilitates “Te Whaariki Hou” with Facilitator/Maori Advisor – Wi Turei Waikari. Jenny has 19 years experience of Counselling, Supervision, Cultural Supervision and Training and Assessing. She has lectured as a Guest Lecturer in various institutions in both the Waikato and in Auckland.

Wi has 30 years working as a Counsellor/Social worker within Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). Prior to this Wi worked as Kaitiaki in an Urban Marae working in the role often of Kaumatua and facilitating programmes.  He currently works as a Maori advisor/consultant and facilitates for Manuera Life. He recently lectured at Ntec and has also guest lectured at various institutions of learning in Auckland.

THIS WORKSHOP IS DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED by Te Whaariki Hou Training programmes of Manuera Life Development Services Ltd Jenny & Wi to transition contemporary Maori Concepts and Protocols within Models to work with Trauma/Sexual Abuse and to provide a Simplistic, Dymystification of Te Ao Maori, found in the strands that it takes to weave a new mat.

To present Maori Models of Practice which have the blessing of both Kaumatua and Kuia. By doing this it adds these concepts as a tangible tool to use alongside any mainstream practices.

This will be through the use of Mythology, Maori concepts and the creative use of a realm of Tikanga-Based developed Models designed by both Wi Waikari & Jenny Manuera and within the framework of “Te Whare Tapa Wha”.

Maori Models include:

  • Mobile Marae Atea
  • Te Whaariki - Secrecy and holding of abuse