Friday 17th September, 1:45 - 3:15pm & 

Saturday 18th September, 9:30 - 11:00am

 The same workshop will run on both days.

Unity in Diversity

Mele Lopasi Latu, Mele Pohahau, Maureen Fepulea’I, Catherine Dickey
Manukau Institute of Technology

“My life is but a weaving

Between the Lord and me

I may not choose the colours

He knows what they should be…”

The Pandanus have thorns on their midrib and on both sides of their leaves yet our Pacific people, whose homes are found anywhere from the Philippines in the north, to Aotearoa New Zealand in the south, can make these barbarous green plants into the most beautiful mats. It is our hope that this interactive workshop will provide insights into culturally appropriate ways of connecting with indigenous peoples. In particular, we will be presenting the Pōpao and Fale Pola models. Both these models have value for participants, regardless of their ethnic background, as they provide insight into the effect of cultural background, values, beliefs, perceptions, talents, gifts of one indigenous group in their counselling practice.  Participants will experience the place of drumming in both their home islands and their adopted communities. Participants in the workshop can expect to dance, sing, weave and build a metaphoric Fale Pola.

Counselling Practice in a Maori Male Context

Martin Hiha

He Timatanga Hou is our practice models developed to create an approach that would include Maori clients and Tamanuhiri (all others). The idea of our approach is to make the content very simple so everyone gets it and profound, so it takes you down many different pathways. We practice in Gisborne, Wairoa and the East coast which have high populations of Maori being 50.5 %, 63% and 75% respectively. This approach also includes the initial commitment, whakapapa and insights into Maori ways of communicating and understanding in a counselling and general conversation context. This approach was developed by myself and my wife who is a mental health nurse.

Te Puawaitanga - Seeds of Social Change

Anita Vlasic Manaia and Dr Wiremu Manaia
Manaia Arts Therapy

This workshop outlines and presents examples of arts therapy in practice using a range of Mātauranga Māori concepts for healing including Whare Tapa Whā, Tikanga Māori, Pakiwaitara, Karakia, Himene, Waiata, Whakapapa, Rāranga, Taonga Pūoro & Whakairo. Examples of how clients presenting with a range complicated trauma issues are treated using Maori models of healing in Arts therapy will be outlined and discussed.

This is an open workshop in which participants will be able to listen, learn and participate in examples of Kaupapa Maori arts therapy practice used in the therapeutic treatment of trauma amongst mostly Maori and Pasifika clients with high and complex needs.

In 2018, Manaia Arts Therapy (MAT) began operating in Manurewa working with Māori and Pasifika clients with high and complex needs. MAT uses arts therapy interventions and indigenous models of healing to reinforce and strengthen personal identity, raise self-esteem, build resilience and harness human potential.

Tautua Dance

Your chance to learn from the experts! Try out your Pacific dance moves.  Sense of humour a must!