2021 Annual Review Form - Troubleshooting

2021 Annual Reviews - Troubleshooting Guide

This guide is split into two sections - troubleshooting for Members and Supervisors.

It is advised to follow the troubleshooting suggestions in the order they appear under the question.

Troubleshooting for Members

General Questions

When is my 2021 Annual Review Form & payment due?

Your review needs to be submitted (with the completed supervisor forms) along with the payment before 31 May.

I am unable to complete my 2021 Annual Review Form before 31 May.  What do I do?

Please email the administrator, info@nzcca.org.nz if you are unable to complete your review before 31 May.  Please outline the reasons why in the email.

How do I get back to my started 2021 Annual Review Form?

There are several ways you can get back to your review form.  The easiest is to click on this link, scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on the link as indicated by the pink arrow in the screenshot below.


When will my 2021 Annual Review be reviewed?

The Membership Committee will be reviewing them in June.  You will be notified by email when your review is approved, or we will email you if we need more information e.g. missing information.  

When will I receive my Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)?

Your APC will be posted to you between 20 – 30 June.  The system will also update your new APC expiry date in your Online Profile.


I am unable to enter my CPD activities.  I try but they don’t save.

Refer to the CPD not saving? Question on our Help? webpage.

I have less than the required CPD hours.  Will I be penalised?

No, not for this review period.  We recognise COVID has made it difficult to attend Formal Clinical person-to-person/in-person trainings during this period.  The membership committee sent out the following email on 10 March:

We have heard from several members about difficulty in accessing professional development opportunities in the last year, and we also recognise the last 12 months have been extremely challenging for us as counsellors, both professionally and personally. With all this in mind we ask that members upload any and all professional development they have participated in for the review period, there will be no penalty this year for not reaching the required CPD hours.

A reminder that the requirement will be in place for the period 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022.

How can my supervisor see my CPD?

You will need to print or save a copy of your CPD and email it to your supervisor (or take it to supervision). When you are in a CPD period click the 'Print CPD' button (as indicated by the red arrow below) and then 'Ctrl + P' to print or 'Ctrl + S' to save.

Supervision & Supervisor's Report

How do I find/access the supervisor form/supervisor questions?

The actual supervisor form can only be viewed/accessed by your supervisor.  However, you can view the Example form here (also noted in the Supervision & Supervisor’s Report Section of your review form).

How do I complete the supervisor form?

This will be completed when you meet with your supervisor.  Your supervisor will log into the NZCCA website to complete the form.  Please see the Troubleshooting instructions below for supervisors.

I cannot find my external supervisor using Manage Supervisor’s button.

  1. Remember that you need to use the ‘Manage Supervisors’ button which is at the bottom of your annual review form rather than the Find a supervisor webpage.
  2. You need to type either the first or last name of your supervisor, not both names. From the list select the correct name and click submit. (Please advise the administrator if more than one name for your supervisor appears).
  3. Try using the supervisor’s full or known by name e.g. Sue, Susan. Is the spelling correct e.g. Martin or Martyn?
  4. Still not showing? Then you will need your supervisor to complete the Supervisor Application Form.

 Can i see the completed report from my supervisor?

Yes.  These will appear at the bottom of your 2021 Annual Review Form (as indicated by my pink box below).  Click on the triangle to view the information.

Troubleshooting for Supervisors

How do I complete the Supervisor Form for my NZCCA supervisee’s 2021 Annual Review? & I am having trouble logging in to the NZCCA Website.

You will need to have a login to the NZCCA website to access the Supervisor Form and be an approved supervisor for our members.

Follow these instructions if you do not have a login or are not yet an approved supervisor.

Please email the administrator, info@nzcca.org.nz if you are not sure if you are already approved, or if you do not remember your login email address.

Follow these instructions to reset your password (only if you cannot remember it).

I am logged in.  How do I access my supervisee’s 2021 Annual Review Form/Supervisor Form?

Once you are logged in you should be able to click on the link in the notification email or click on the notification bell in the top right of your screen to access your notifications.  Select the notification with your supervisee’s name (check the notification is for the 2021 Annual Review Form and not the 2020 Annual Review Form or other application type).  This will bring up your supervisee’s 2021 Annual Review Form.

I have not received an email notification and I cannot find it under the notification bell.

This usually means your supervisee has not selected you as their supervisor via the Manage Supervisors button on their 2021 Annual Review form.  They will need to complete the instructions as listed under the question “I cannot find my external supervisor using Manage Supervisor’s button” above.

Please also refer to this video (for members). 

A reminder the member needs to be logged in as themselves to do this.

I cannot find the Supervisor Form button for my supervisee.

I can see my supervisee’s 2021 Annual Review Form, but I cannot find the Supervisor Form button.

Remember, the supervisor needs to be logged in to view this button.  The black ‘Supervisor Form’ button should appear just to the right of your supervisee’s 2021 Annual Review form.

I have clicked on the notification but it comes up with the error "You don’t have access to this page.  If you have another account you can log in again below".

This error message will show if:

  1. You have clicked on an old notification.  Check the notification date shows Month, Day, 2021.  If it shows 2020 then it is an old notification (from last year's reviews).  In this case you will either need to click on the 2021 link or get your supervisee to add you using the Manage Supervisors button (they may need to remove and re-add you). 
  2. Your supervisee has used the 2020 Annual Review Form in error (in which case the notification date will show 2021 as the year).  In this case your supervisee needs to complete the 2021 Annual Review form and add you via the Manage Supervisors button which will trigger the correct notification. 

I have clicked on the ‘Supervisor Form’ button.  How do I complete the 2021 Supervisor Form?

Simply complete the form by typing in the information.  The form starts with the Supervisor’s contact information before moving into questions about your supervisee (from “My supervisee is a… “.  We suggest you review the information before clicking Submit.

I have submitted the Supervisor Form.  Did it submit?

You will not receive any message to say the form has been submitted.  You can check by clicking on the Supervisor Form button again.  If it allows you to enter information then for some reason it did not submit so you will need to complete it and submit it again.  If the form shows as follows then the information was submitted. 

Your supervisee can see the submitted supervisor forms at the bottom of their 2021 Annual Review Form (as indicated by my pink box below).