Annual Review Files & Instructions

Annual Review Files

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All 2020 Reviews are to be completed online. Please do not post any forms to NZCCA.

Click on the video links below which will assist you in completing your 2020 Annual Practice Review. 

1. Log in to the NZCCA Website

Resetting your password (only required if you have forgotten your password or if you are logging in for the first time)


2. Completing the online Annual Review Form

Full instruction video


3. Instructions for Supervisors

Please click on/direct your supervisor(s) to the Information for Supervisors web page which has the instructions for supervisors to complete their parts of the Annual Review. 


4. Help?

Please re-view the instructions above In the first instance. Then view our He;p? web page which has a lot of very useful information (and stores all of the Help videos you have seen). You must be logged in to see the Help? web page.  Some of the information in the videos may have changed since they were produced.

Help? Web page

Error Messages


5. Technologically Challenged?

We recognise the online form may be a challenge to some, so please ask for help from a family member, work colleague etc. before contacting the NZCCA office